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Stel zelf uw loods samen


With a complete package for self-build, you can quickly realize all your ideas for your storage, workspace or other application yourself.

The building blocks

From steel construction to screw, from panels to door, explore the building blocks that allow you to assemble your shed accurately.


The many possibilities within the standard packages give everyone the chance to give a personal touch to your order.

Your shed in 5 easy steps

Determine your wishes

Of course, mapping all your requirements and wishing is the basis for success. To help you here, we have compiled a document that can serve as a guide to put together your package in the right way. This document can be found here:

Fill in the application form

In our application form, which is always the basis of a task, you can specify exactly how to deliver the warehouse. If you have questions and/or comments that are not listed in our form, you can add this information yourself.

Within 24 hours response

Our aim is to answer each application within 2 working days with a quote. However, if there are questions or comments on our part, we will first contact you to continue them.

Your construction kit will be delivered in 6-8 weeks

For a pilot package in order, the designs will be submitted to you. After approval of this, production is initiated. Normally you will receive your building kit within 7 weeks later.

You can start building your shed

We offer you the opportunity to attend an instruction day prior to self-development, where an expert from a assembly partner explains you the intricacies of building. You can choose to build the warehouse together with our partner; components of the assembly or the entire assembly to them.

Why Levere?

Powerful industrial materials in an easy-to-build package at surprisingly attractive prices, lots of flexibility, clear manuals.

Standard sizes


Color schemes


Inclination angles



To help you quickly obtain a price indication we have 55,000 sheds in our shop. By filtering by length, width, gutter height, inclination angle and insulation, you will see the price of the shed you are looking for within 1 minute. The packages in the shop are always complete with all the necessary parts to build the lead, finish, transport and standard a steel running door and an insulated sectional door of 3 by 3 meters. You can add further options, such as windows and doors to the package. If you prefer to receive a tailor-made task, fill out our application form and you will soon receive an appropriate task.